Сенсорный экран Allen-Bradley 6180P-15KSXP

Сенсорный экран Allen-Bradley 6180P-15KSXP

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AB Allen-Bradley 6180P-15KSXP Membrane keypad replacement


Membrane keypad/switch applications :

1. Point of sale apparatus

2. Security systems

3. Telephone systems

4. Household appliances

5. Telecommunications apparatus

6. Medical Equipment
7. Industrial controls

8. Access control systems

Membrane Keypad technologies that include:

·AMP, Nicomatic, FCI connector systems

·Polymer-thick Film, Polyimide, or FR4 substrates

·LED, EL, and Fiber backlighting

·Harsh & Rugged Environmental solutions

·Tactile & Non-tactile, Metal Dome & Polydome

Key Specifications/Special Features

Both Pantone and real color matching system, using advanced light box and computer color matching
Good material control to make sure all the materials are high quality
Compliant with the RoHS Directive
100% functional testing and specified testing, such as humility testing, life expectancy testing, actuation force testing
Except membrane switch and touchscreen, different types of assembly, such as membrane switch and touchscreen with FPC, PCB, silicone rubber, metal backer, plastic bezel and more

Electrical performance:
Loop resistance: function of trace width and length, 10 to 500Ω (varies from the trace length and material), in most applications the maximum loop resistance is less than 100Ω

Operating temperature range: -45 to +80°C

Maximum circuit rating: 36V DC, 100mA, 1W
Insulation resistance: 100mΩ, 100V
Dielectric: 250Vrms (50 to 60Hz)
Contact bounce:<5ms
Life cycle: 1 million times nominal

Open-circuit: 50MΩ minimum
Contact rating: 100 Milliamps at 36V DC maximum
Flat button can reach to 5 million times

Operating temperature: -40 to 80°C
Storage temperature: -40 to 80°C
Humidity: 90 to 95% RH

Actuation force:
Flat: 57 to 284g (2 to 10oz)
Tactile: 170 to 397g (6 to 14oz)

Switch height:
Flat: 0.1 to 0.5mm
Tactile: 0.6 to 1.5mm